a picture of a female in shadow  I am 17 years old and I’m one of the young people that is involved with YO! (Youth Own) and I’m disabled. I have spina bifida, which is a type of birth defect called a neural tube defect. It occurs when the bones of the spine (vertebrae) don’t form properly around part of the baby’s spinal cord. Spina bifida affects my legs.  It makes me less powerful on my lower part of my body which causes me not to walk.  

I came from Central Africa Republic of Bungui where I grew up but I was born in Democratic Republic of Congo. I joined YO in 2012 where I met other disabled young people with different backgrounds. They are very nice to each other and friendly to each other. More importantly they care about what each other has to say.

I am planing on going to college to study accounting to get an associate degree.

Because I was born in Africa and didn’t grow up in Anerica, I notice that being disabled here in the US is not bad at all. In the country that I grow up disabled people don’t have any rights.  To survive, your family has to spend a lot to buy your equipment such as wheelchairs. If your parents don’t have money to the things you need, there is nothing the government can do to help you out. I wrote an article on this very topic and you can see it here.

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