photoHello, my name is Damaris Cruz.  I’m 16 years old. I have a disability that is called a learning disability. Having my disability is like: I have difficulty learning stuff that fast, and when I learn something new I forget it in like 10 minutes.

My favorite color is pink. That’s my most favorite color in the whole world.

I have three brothers that are annoying but I love them. I live with my family and my dog; I live in my own room.   It’s pink of course! I have a poster of Taylor Lautner and a poster of Austin Mahone.

I joined a group last year that’s called Youth Own; we call it sometimes the YO! group.  It’s shorter. The YO! group is like my family. We do a lot of activities and it’s really fun.  We go to protest in every city so we could get our disability rights.  Sometimes a protest is what it takes.  It’s fun to go protesting in some places like Albany, and Washington DC! Right now I am working at RCIL in the Summer Youth Employment Program. I work with 4 co-workers that are so cool to work with.  We start working at 12:00 to 5:00 and we design.  It’s fun hanging out with YO!  They make me laugh a lot!


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