Julian photoMy name is Julian Hiler. I have cerebral palsy which is a group of disorders that impacts the function of the brain and nervous system. Cerebral palsy affects the movement in my arms and legs, and affects my hearing. However, cerebral palsy does not limit me from doing everyday things, such as going to school, and hanging out with the YO! group.

I joined Youth Own about a year ago! If you looked at my Facebook page a year ago, I only had one picture of me and a couple pictures of church events, demonstrating how I just sat around my house, doing nothing. But if you look at my Facebook page now, I have many pictures of me with the YO! group. I really like hanging with the YO! group because they give me a chance to get out in the community more. YO! does things that matter:  such as celebrating people within the group’s birthdays, game nights, seeing how group members live independently, shopping at the mall, going to visit my boy (Big Man) Filp at Monroe Community Hospital, etc.

Another group I really love to hang out with is the ADAPT family. YO! has introduced me to ADAPT.  My real first local action was when we went down to the Kodak Building and protested while the Governor was in town. My first National ADAPT action was the spring of 2014, when we went to Washington DC. I never knew I had the gift of advocacy until YO! birthed it out of me! I mentioned ADAPT was a family. My family. We look out for each other,

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