photo of Tiffany wearing a tan suit sitting in front of her computer  I’m Tiffany Laura Zambrana. I’m 18 years old.  My disability is that I have paralysis of the right side of my body. It affects my life because I can’t use my right hand and I walk with a slight limp.  I am a student at East High School. I live with my mom and step-dad and 4 other siblings.

I am currently working for RCIL (Regional Center For Independent Living) creating the website for YO!, helping others to connect with YO!  I love my job at RCIL!  I love being involved with the disability culture.  It has really open my eyes for a change in getting people out of nursing homes.  I went to Washington DC To protest for disability rights with ADAPT;  it was successful.

I am planning to graduate from High school this January. I am an Honor Roll student. I want to become a doctor.  I plan to move out of my parents house when I graduate from high school.  With YO! I went to a party to check out where Jensen lives, and now I want to live there!

I used get bullied when I was younger because  I look different and talk different;  it was hard to cope with the pain of getting bullied but I got help.  Now I live my life to the fullest. I love being around other disabled people because i can relate to them, and they know what am going though with life.

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